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Warehouse & Material Handling Services


MillWright offers a full spectrum of material handling services specifically catering to your business and warehouse needs. Along with new and used material handling equipment, we provide warehouse management solutions. With MillWright on your side, you can free yourself of tedious tasks that come with permit applications, engineering, calculations, expansion, downsizing, and relocation. Our professionals get the job done accurately and on time. We are not just another vendor; we’re dedicated partners to your business, ready to help you with knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired over decades!

We are based in Denver, Colorado with locations in Utah and New Mexico. Many of our products and services are available globally.

Installation, Relocation & Tear Down

We offer professional warehouse installation, relocation, and tear down services in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico

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Custom fabrication and millwright services for every special project.

Warehouse Design & Layout

We work with you to design a safe and efficient warehouse facility perfect for your business.

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Rack Repair

Pallet Rack Repair & Protection options to repair pallet racking and protect racks from future damage, failures or rack collapses

In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

We design & install in-rack sprinkler systems to prevent fire damage and make your facility safe.

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Parts Consignment

The on-site consignment parts program from MillWright.

FREE Consultation

Included in our free warehouse consultation are detailed and accurate on-site measurements, identifying opportunities for maximizing efficiency, projection of materials and supplies needed for project including price quotes, and determining what permits need to be applied for. MillWright has been in the material handling industry since 1985, and can help you establish a well-organized and streamlined warehouse. Get your free quote today!

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Permit Applications & Processing

Our permit experts make your permit acquisition process a breeze! The experienced permit specialists at MillWright can help you with High Pile Permits, as well as City Permits.

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Additional Services


MillWright also offers custom fabrication, complete warehouse and rack design, as well as delivery. All services are handled in-house by MillWright, including CAD drawings, fire consultations, and installation. Our highly trained installation crew is equipped with the knowledge and experience to perform on-site repairs on all our racking and conveyor systems to maintain compliance. Our experience gives us an advantage over the competition in understanding and fulfilling your needs.

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