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In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

Ultimate Fire Protection for Your Facility


A high-quality fire protection system is an essential component to having a successful warehouse operation. Warehouse fires can spread quickly, and cause costly damage to your stored goods. Fires can be especially dangerous in warehouses storing hazardous or flammable liquids or chemicals. Taking preventative measures is a must, which is why an in-rack sprinkler is a great investment to avoid future losses.

In-Rack Sprinkler Systems are a network of piping installed throughout your racking system. Although in-rack sprinklers can’t prevent fires from starting, they are fire-heat activated to contain and extinguish a fire within your racking system, limiting the amount of fire damage in your warehouse. In-rack sprinkler systems provide increased proximity to equipment as opposed to overhead sprinklers in your warehouse. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize as much fire damage as possible.


  • Increased proximity to equipment for fast acting fire suppression
  • Contains fires within specific area and extinguishes them quickly
  • Minimize downtime and damage to your facility, equipment, and inventory
  • Continuous monitoring for smoke and heat detection
  • Perfect for facilities with large industrial shelving and racking systems
  • Reduced installation costs compared to traditional ESFR sprinkler systems
  • Efficient use of extinguishing agent, resulting in reduced overall cost

High Pile Permits

If you’re installing a new pallet racking system that needs high pile storage permits, we are here to help you from start to finish. Our permits department can provide expert knowledge and design your warehouse to be up to code. Our design experts layout your warehouse to be efficient through detailed CAD drawings and years of experience in the industry.

With both structural and fire engineering calculations, we work to provide the best solution for your facility. We also work with C16 certified fire sprinkler specialists to make sure your facility is protected against fire damage. As professionals in the industry we are here every step of the way from warehouse design to warehouse installation to simplify the process for you!

Variety of Sprinkler Installations & Services

MillWright partners with seasoned professionals in the industry to incorporate in-rack sprinkler systems into your comprehensive warehouse solution. Sprinkler systems are extremely important for keeping your workplace, employees and inventory safe – and MillWright facilitates fire sprinkler installations and servicing on a large scale for a variety of applications in diverse industries, including:

  • Warehouses
  • System upgrades
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Freezers
  • Parking structures
  • ESFR systems
  • Hotels
  • Special hazards
  • Dry systems
  • Residential
  • Computer rooms – early detection with smoke and heat detectors
  • On-site underground fire lines including fire hydrants
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • On-site fire sprinkler analysis
  • Association with fire and building departments to negotiate ire protection requirements

Consultations & Services

We offer free consultations! We will come out to your warehouse and help you determine and design a racking and fire protection system that is right for you. In addition to a free warehouse consultation, our team can also help you find a fire protection system that meets or exceeds your warehouse safety needs.

  • FREE Consultation
  • Planning & Design
  • High Pile Permit Processing

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