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Professional Pallet Rack Repair & Field Inspection


In virtually all warehouses and distribution centers you will find pallet rack with impact damage caused by warehouse vehicles. Most of the damage incurred is located at lower levels, leaving the majority of the upright structurally sound.

MillWright offers Pallet Rack Repair & Protection options not only to repair pallet racking but also to protect racks from future damage, failures or rack collapses.

Repair or Replace Damaged Pallet Racks Immediately


welding_1The need to maintain continuous activity on the pallet racks often overrules the desire to repair or replace damaged racks. Our pallet rack repair option replaces the damaged area without the need to unload the pallet rack.

Professional factory trained technicians can install bolt-on options with specially designed repair kits to fix low-level damage. In many cases, no welding is required. These repair options are adaptable to any manufacturers' pallet rack. Our kits offer special designs that allow you the convenience of continuing to use bottom beams in the repaired portions.

One of our best solutions, the Sloped-Leg Repair Frame, slants the front post inward to give operators additional room to navigate around the post.
To further insure rack safety, MillWright offers a wide range of pallet rack safety columns and post protectors that can be field-installed.

Let our teams of trained personnel survey your pallet rack for any repair needs. Contact MillWright to find out how we can assist you today.

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