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Modula Automated Storage


Automated Storage & Racking Systems for Warehouses

MillWright is a leading provider for automated storage solutions for businesses in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico to improve warehouse organization, save time, create efficiencies and ultimately improve your bottom-line. View details on our featured storage products below, view our entire inventory of products on our catalog and call or request a quote online!

MillWright is proud partners with Modula.

Vertical Lift Modules

Save your occupied floor space, save time in warehouse picking operations, keep goods protected against theft and damages all while improving workplace safety and ergonomics with the Modula VLM. MillWright is an exclusive partner with Systems Logistics and offers the Modula Vertical automatic storage unit to help save time and space.

Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management. Not only can Modula’s product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space but it also can increase picking accuracy and throughput, add product security, as well as improve your workforce’s ergonomic functions. Modula’s automated storage technologies and vertical carousels save you time and resources in your picking operations as the material is stored inside carriers or trays of the storage system and delivered automatically,
eliminating unnecessary bending, reaching, or walking. Through the part-to-person concept, the material is retrieved and brought to the operator automatically. The picking bays can be customized in different configurations depending on the needs of each individual automated storage technology: according to the available floor space.

With Modula automatic storage systems, goods are secure from theft and damage. The goods are stocked inside the storage systems and can only be picked up through automatic operations, specifically through operator authentication using traced passwords both to access and to handle material. Modula uses software that integrates
with your company's computer systems, which then allows you to easily manage the automatic vertical warehouse and all the information systems in one simple, convenient location. Once you have contacted us, we will conduct a careful logistical analysis of your warehouse and advise you concerning the most suitable automatic storage for your needs. Modula systems are available in various
models depending on warehouse space available and load capacity. Once the system has been purchased and installed, the benefits don’t end there. We offer an excellent before and after sales service guarantee and take pride in our product’s constant efficiency and continued productivity.

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