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Weight & Measure for Warehousing


For weight & measuring warehouse products, trust products from MillWright as a leading warehousing supplier in Colorado, Utah & New Mexico to provide solutions for your business. MillWright carries a variety of weight & measure supplies for warehouses including floor scales, forklift scales and bench sales among others. View our featured weight & measure offerings below and view our entire catalog online to order or request a quote!


Floor Scales

MillWright offers a variety of floor scale options of various platform sizes and capacity limits to help efficiently measure loads and items within the warehouse.


Forklift Scales

For a time-saving, on-the-go pallet/ box weighing system, MillWright offers a variety of forklift scale options varying in both size and capacity.


Bench Scales

Get digital or traditional readout bench scales to help efficiently weigh food, chemical or other various applications within your warehouse. MillWright offers a variety of bench scales which meet a variety of needs.

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